10 Best Web Browsers for Ubuntu in 2023

Web browsers are one of the most widely used applications by millions of users worldwide. There are many reasons for internet browsing, such as: B. Easy access to a variety of information in a single window, social networks and online streaming sites with video content in different categories.

Ubuntu comes preinstalled with Mozilla Firefox Web browser which is one of the best and most popular browsers along with Google Chrome web browser. Both have their own characteristics that set them apart.

In today’s world, we rely more and more on the internet to complete daily tasks. Therefore, you need a good, reliable web browser to perform these tasks.

In this article, we cover the 10 best web browsers to use on Ubuntu and other Linux distributions in 2023. If you are looking for the fastest browser, a browser for web development or a secure web browser where you can block ads then you are in the right place.

1. Google Chrome

This web browser needs no introduction as it is the best web browser you will ever find for any operating system platform. It was a tough competitor from Mozilla Firefox This is the default web browser on most Linux distributions, including Ubuntu. You may have heard of Chromium web browser which is an open source project supported by Google and Google Chrome and a Chromium-based closed-source web browser.

If you ask me for a reason to switch from Mozilla Firefox or any other web browser Google Chrome then it would be a seamless access to the Google account. You can easily sync your bookmarks, browsing history, calendar and email between your phone and Chrome Browser on your Ubuntu desktop. Apart from that, for users’ data security, it comes with malware blocker which is a must have today.

Google Chrome comes with built-in flash player that enhances your browsing experience while browsing multimedia content online. It also comes with many plugins and extensions that can be used to enhance browser capabilities. It’s an all-around web browser you’ll ever find for Ubuntu or any other operating system.

Download Google Chrome from here

2. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox comes as the default web browser with most major Linux distributions, as it’s one of the best and most stable web browsers by the way Google Chrome web browser. Firefox is popular for its support for thousands of plugins and extensions, making it a feature-rich web browser with almost every feature to offer. It’s also a default web browser on the latest Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Mozilla Firefox is a reliable internet browser used by millions of users every day. It has a clean and modern looking interface that is very easy to use. Despite being an open source web browser, it offers some of the best privacy features.

$ sudo Install apt get firefox

3. Brave

Brave is an open source web browser known for its ad blocking and tracking functionality. Developed by Brave Software Inc.’s web browser is based on the Chromium open-source project, powered by Google Inc., and uses the Blink engine for a seamless browsing experience.

By blocking ads and website trackers for you, Brave pays to sites and YouTube Creator on your behalf. In return, you get fast and secure browsing without the risk of compromising your important data online.

Over the years developers of Brave Web browsers have brought so many improvements to the overall browsing experience of this unique browser and they have also made additions to its features. This web browser works really well with the latest Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

Download Brave from here

4. Opera

Opera is a very popular closed source web browser that was first released in April 1995. Opera Uses Blink engine for website layout and fast browsing. It is one of the fastest and safest web browsers available for multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac and Android mobile platforms.

Opera is one of the safest browsers you will ever find for Linux. It comes with unlimited free VPN service that helps surf the web with increased security. It also comes with a dedicated malware blocker. It also has a built-in ad blocker that makes web pages load faster compared to other web browsers.

You can download and install Opera Web browser on Ubuntu directly from its Software Center.

Download Opera web browser from here

5. Vivaldi

Developed by Vivaldi Technologies, Vivaldi is a free cross-platform web browser specially designed for heavy internet users. This browser inherits some popular features from Opera 12, which was based on the Presto layout engine. You will find many similar features from older versions of Opera Web browser and My Opera.

Vivaldi is one of the most flexible web browsers out there, giving you full control over customization with features like tab management, customization to create your own unique experience, keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, command line shortcuts, and a bookmark manager.

It also has a number of built-in tools such as Notes, which you can use to take notes while you browse the web, take a screenshot of an entire webpage or a specific area, and an Image Properties tool, which allows you to get detailed information about the image such as copyrights, histograms, etc.

Download Vivaldi here

6. Microsoft Edge

popularity of Microsoft Edge Web browser is growing fast. Many Windows users now prefer Microsoft Edge via Mozilla Firefox thanks to the speed and function it offers.

now Microsoft Edge is also available for Linux and its distributions with full-fledged features similar to Windows. If you use both Windows and Linux, this browser is a must for you as it makes the syncing process more convenient.

Download Microsoft Edge from here

7. Falcon

Falkon (formerly known as QupZilla) is a free, open-source web browser developed by KDE. In August 2017, the name of the Qt-based QupZilla web browser was changed to Falkon, with some changes under the hood, such as changing the build system from qmake to cmake.

The Falkon web browser offers features such as multiple icon sets to match users’ desktop operating system, web feeds, bookmarks, speed dial home page, screen capture, DuckDuckGo as the default search engine, and a built-in ad blocker for user security.

Apart from that, it offers a really good user interface that is easy to navigate and user-friendly. It is a lightweight browser for Linux that works effortlessly on computer systems with minimal hardware.

The Falkon web browser is available for download and installation directly from the Ubuntu Software Center.

8. Midori

Based on Webkit rendering engine, Midori is a free lightweight web browser available for various Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Xcfe desktop environment and many more. Being a lightweight web browser doesn’t prevent Midori from competing with most of the web browsers listed here in terms of features offered.

Some of the notable features that Midori offers are seamless integration with HTML 5 and CSS 3, shortcodes, private browsing, tab management, and a speed that it can keep up with Google Chrome. Apart from that, it has a very nice user interface designed and made with the latest technologies.

Modori comes standard in many Linux distributions, including Elementary OS. The user interface is fully customizable and supports RSS feeds and mouse gestures. It also has a built-in ad blocker for faster browsing and security.

$ sudo apt-get-repository ppa:midori/ppa

$ sudo apt get update -qq

$ sudo Install apt get midori

9. GNOME Web (Epiphany)

GNOME Web (formerly known as Epiphany) is a web browser developed by The GNOME Project for the GNOME desktop environment and is also available for most Linux distributions including Ubuntu. Despite being a lightweight web browser, it has an excellent user interface that is fast and easy to use.

GNOME Web is a Webkit-based web browser that offers features such as GNOME integration, bookmarks, web application mode support, and more. Since it’s lightweight, you can’t expect a lot of features compared to other browsers listed here.

This web browser also supports reading mode for a distraction-free version of the webpage so you can just focus on reading. In reading mode, you can adjust the text size, change the background color, and customize the layout for a comfortable reading experience.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3

$ sudo apt get update

$ sudo-receive To install epiphany browser

10. Slimjet

Slimjet is another web browser on our list that is based on the Chromium project but is a closed source web browser. The browser’s name is divided into two parts that show the main goal of its development. Slim for its easy nature throughout jet indicates that it is one of the fastest browsers out there.

Slimjet is the only browser that automatically blocks the ads without any plugins, extensions or tweaks. Apart from that, it offers features like YouTube Video downloader, download manager, form autofill, customizable toolbar, online video recorder, plugin and theme support, mouse gestures and much more.

If you are using older versions of Ubuntu, where Google Chrome Support has stopped, then this could be really good Chrome alternative for you. It has some features similar to Google Chrome Web browser and you can integrate your Google account to sync your bookmarks and history from your mobile web browser.

    • For 64-bit DEB-based systems
$ wget https://www.slimjet.com/publication/archive/

$ sudo dpkg –i slimjet_amd64.deb

    • For 32-bit DEB-based systems
$ wget https://www.slimjet.com/publication/archive/

$ sudo dpkg –i slimjet_i386.deb


So these are the 10 best web browsers to use on your Ubuntu PC like in 2023. The web browsers listed here are all tested on the latest Ubuntu 22.04 LTS edition. If you have an older version, don’t worry, most of them work fine on older versions too.

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