How to Check NetworkManager Version on Ubuntu

network manager is a Linux utility for managing the system’s network settings. It makes it easy for users to quickly connect to a known or favorite network. Network Manager allows users to manage various network tasks such as B. connect the system to a WiFi network or set up network interfaces on the system. It comes pre-installed in most Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, and if users are unsure which version is installed on their system, follow the guidelines in this article for various ways to check network manager Version on Ubuntu.

How to Check Network Manager Version on Ubuntu

examination network manager Version on Ubuntu is easy and can be done with the following commands:

1: Using –version

The Ubuntu users will find the network manager Version on the system of the following “-Execution” Command:

$ nmcli –version

2: Using -v

The following version command with “-v” flag instead “-Execution” can also be used for verification network manager Version on Ubuntu system.

$ nmcli -v

3: use apt info

To get detailed information about the network manager On an Ubuntu system with its current version, users can use the following command:

$ apt info network manager

4: Using /usr/sbin/NetworkManager

The Ubuntu users can also retrieve network manager version on the system by running the following command:

$ /usr/sbin/NetworkManager –version

All the above methods are just one command away to bring you the information of the currently installed ones network manager Version on Ubuntu system.


Ubuntu users can use several commands to find the currently installed one network manager on the system. You can use either of those “-Execution’ Command or go with me “-v” flags. Detailed information about the currently installed network manageryou can run the command “appropriate information”while the fourth command “/usr/sbin/NetworkManager” can also be used to retrieve the network manager Version on Ubuntu system.

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