How to extend partition in Ubuntu with GParted utility

Extending partition on Ubuntu system is crucial as the case may come when you run out of disk space. The partition containing the operating system may be overcrowded with too many packages, resulting in a decrease in system performance. In this case, you should extend partition to fix out of disk problem.

To extend partition on Ubuntu, you can use GParted tool and this article will help you.

Extend partition on Ubuntu via GParted tool

part is a GUI-based utility preinstalled on Ubuntu system that facilitates users to format or create disk partitions. With this tool, user extends partition on Ubuntu.

Use part On Ubuntu, follow these steps to extend partition:

Step 1: Open part on the Ubuntu system from the Applications menu.

You can also open this tool from the terminal “sudo gparted” Command.

Step 2: Select the partition to extend to Ubuntu partitions.

Note: Here I extend partition of a bootable drive just to give you a hint.

Step 3: Select the partition, right-click it, and then use the “Resize/Move” Possibility.

Note: The partition can be extended only if you have space.

Step 4: Choose extended partition size based on disk space availability. Then select the “Resize/Move” Possibility.

This will successfully resize partition on Ubuntu system.

Note: The same extend partition method is applied to other partitions created on your Ubuntu system.


Extending partition on Ubuntu system is easy with the help of part Tool that is pre-installed. The user just has to open the part from the application menu or via the terminal with the “sudo gparted” Command. After that, they can extend the partition as they like by using the step-by-step process outlined in the guidelines above.

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