How to Fix 404 Not Found Error Using apt-get update on Old Ubuntu

Sometimes the users may encounter when updating the package list on the old Ubuntu system “404 Not Found” Mistake. This kind of error leads to unexpected situation and may fail to update system repository. If you encounter this type of error, refer to the guidelines in this article for help.

Fix 404 Not Found error with apt-get update on Old Ubuntu

The “404 Not Found” Error occurs when you can run “appropriate update” or “apt get update” Command on the old Ubuntu terminal.

sudo apt get update

This type of error occurs because the PPA repository you added to the Ubuntu repository list is incompatible and therefore cannot be updated on your system.

To fix that “404 Not Found” error, then there are two simple methods that can be performed:

Method 1: GUI method

To solve the “404 Not Found” Using the GUI method, go to the Ubuntu application menu, find and open it Software & updates.

Then click the other software tab and you will find the list of installed PPA repositories:

From here you need to remove the ppa repository shown “404 Not Found”.

To remove the PPA repository, uncheck the repository you don’t want to remove, leaving only the repository that is causing the error, then click Removed Button:

Note: The screenshot above is for demonstration, do not remove the main repositories.

Now that you have correctly performed the above steps, you will perform the apt get update command, if the error were no longer there:

sudo apt get update

Method 2: Command line method

If you don’t want to leave the terminal and repair “404 Not Found” From the command line you can use this method where you just need to run the command written below along with the name of the ppa repository which will show an error:

sudo add-apt-repository –removed father:<ppa_repository name>

For example:

sudo add-apt-repository –removed ppa:jonathonf/never long

Then check that out “404 Not Found” was fixed successfully run again apt get update Command:

sudo apt get update

In the output, you can see that the error was successfully fixed.


Whenever a new PPA repository is installed on an old Ubuntu, it may not be compatible with the system and users will experience this “404 Not Found” when updating the repository. To fix this “404 Not Found”, The users have to remove this corrupted PPA repository from the system via GUI or command line terminal. After that, they can successfully update the old Ubuntu repository with the To update Command.

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