How to Install and Configure the Z Shell (Zsh) on Ubuntu 22.04

Z shell or Zsch is a powerful and interactive command line shell that allows users to run commands on the system. It comes with built-in auto-correct feature, syntax highlighting, spell checking and much more. Another major benefit of Z shell is that it has an extensive plugin system that allows users to customize the command shell themselves.

Follow the guidelines in this article to install Zsh on Ubuntu 22.04.

Install and configure the Z-Shell (Zsh) on Ubuntu 22.04

To install Zsch On the Ubuntu system, do the following:

Step 1: Update the Ubuntu repository

Make sure the Ubuntu repository is updated, and if not, the user can run the following command:

sudo appropriate update && sudo appropriate upgrade

Step 2: Install Zsh on Ubuntu

Install now Zsch on Ubuntu via the apt package manager with the following command:

sudo suitable To install zsch -y

Step 3: Install the Zsh configuration tool

To configure the Zsch on Ubuntu system you must need Zsch Configuration tool that can be installed with the following command:

sh -C $(curl -fsSL

Add to “Y‘ to allow changes to the default shell Zsch.

Step 4: Confirm Zsh installation

To ensure that Z-Shell is successfully installed on the Ubuntu system, enter the following command:

zsch –Execution

Test zsh on Ubuntu

To test whether Z Shell (Zsh) is running on the Ubuntu system, run the following update command.

The command above takes care of that Zsch has been successfully installed on the Ubuntu system.

Now whenever you want Zsch On Ubuntu, just type “zsch‘ on the terminal to open the bash prompt.


Change the theme on the Z shell (zsh)

You can change the theme Zsch by opening the configuration file with the following command:

Then replace the default theme name “Robby Russel” with “agnostic‘ already in the file.

Save the file with the “CTRL+X“, add to “Y” and Enter to exit.

After the restart, open the Ubuntu terminal again to see the new changes.

Remove the Z Shell (Zsh) from Ubuntu

To remove the Z shell or Zsch from Ubuntu you can use the following command:

sudo appropriate automatic removal zsch -y


Z Shell (Zsh) is an interactive command line shell that is easy to install apt package manager. However, users must install Zsch Configuration tool from the script file as this allows users to configure the shell of their choice. Once installed, you can change and use the theme within the file Zsch as your default Ubuntu terminal.

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