How to Install and Use Conky to Monitor Ubuntu 22.04 System

Conky is a GUI-based system monitoring software for Linux and BSD. It monitors various system resources and displays information about CPU, RAM, disk space, temperatures, who is logged in, the song currently playing, etc. in an elegant little widget on the screen. This allows you to see how your computer’s components are being used.

Conky is small and flexible so you can use it without it detrimentally affecting your system or looking like it belongs somewhere else. In this short tutorial, we explain how to easily install and use Conky to monitor Ubuntu 22.04 system.

How to Install and Use Conky to Monitor Ubuntu 22.04 System

Installing Conky is fairly easy as it is part of the standard Ubuntu software repository. First update the system according to the latest available update:

sudo appropriate update
sudo appropriate upgrade

When finished, run the following command to install Conky in the system:

sudo suitable To install conky-all –y

After installing Conky, go to the search option and search for “conky” in it:

Now the system will display the conky containing all the information about your entire system:


Conky is one of the well-designed tools to monitor the system on Linux. It is popular among Ubuntu users for its portability and extensive configuration options. We have explained how to install and use Conky to monitor the Ubuntu 22.04 system. However, some methods for configuring Conky do not work well on all computers. For this reason we have not included this information from the tutorial.

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