How to Install LastPass on Ubuntu 22.04

Everything is now accessible online and to access most of the services you need to create an account depending on the platform. While creating an account is easy and quick, the effort is in remembering all of the different and robust combinations of passwords used to create the account.

For security reasons, you should not use the same password for your accounts. Therefore, it is important to manage all your passwords for quick autofill and security. With a password manager such as LastPassyou no longer have to worry about forgetting passwords. This guide describes everything about using LastPass on Ubuntu 22.04.

How LastPass works

LastPass is a leading password manager for Linux. It has multiple features and is available as a browser extension. With LastPass, you can create a free account or upgrade to Premium. The free account lets you save unlimited passwords for different websites and offers two-factor and multi-factor authentication. Also, you can share your password with trusted people or have a shared folder of passwords.

To use LastPass, you must first access it in your browser, create your account, and then add the LastPass extension for your browser. Once you’re logged in, you can browse the password manager’s vault and add different accounts to save their passwords for quick autofill upon login.

Plus, with LastPass, you can add digital records or notes so you don’t forget them. For example, you can add your insurance cards or WiFi passwords so you can always refer to them when you need them.

Again, LastPass lets you generate strong passwords and use different passwords for all your accounts. Also, you don’t have to remember these passwords as they are stored for you. Still, you can assess the strength of the password you create and make sure you have strong and secure passwords. When you open a platform that requires you to sign in, LastPass will automatically fill in the sign-in information.

Installing LastPass on Ubuntu 22.04

Installing LastPass is an easy task as only the browser extension is required for you to have LastPass on your Ubuntu 22.04. Follow these steps.

  1. Create a LastPass account

Open your favorite browser on Ubuntu 22.04. We will use Firefox for examplethen visit the LastPass website.

After opening the website, click the Get LastPass above, you will need to sign up for a LastPass account if you are a new user.

Once you have created your account, you will receive a confirmation message that your account has been created.

  1. Add LastPass extension

A new message will appear prompting you to install the LastPass extension. press the Install LastPass Button.

Your browser will open a new window with the LastPass extension. For Firefox, a confirmation prompt will appear at the top asking if you want to install the LastPass extension.

Assuming you are using a different browser such as Chrome, you can access the same extension through the Chrome Webshop.

After you’ve added the extension, you’ll see the LastPass extension icon (Ellipse) appear at the top of your tab.

Once you log into your LastPass account, the extension will change color to red.

  1. Accessing the Password Vault and using LastPass

When the extension is added, you can access your account using the credentials you used to create it.

You’ll get a dashboard like the one below that gives you access to the various tools for your password management needs.

Let’s say you want to add your bank accounts for quick autofill when accessing online, click on the bank accounts option and a new window will open where you can add your bank details. This allows LastPass to use the details to sign you in.

Another cool feature is the option to generate passwords. Most people find it difficult to create strong passwords. LastPass allows you to open the password generation options and specify the password details, e.g. B. the character length, and a password will be generated for you.

The sharing center guides you when you want to create a shared folder with shared accounts or share your data or digital notes with someone.

In addition, LastPass allows you to import your saved passwords from different password managers or browsers. This way you have all your passwords in one reliable vault

So the next time you try to access an account, such as Facebook, you’ll find that the LastPass extension icon appears in the login form.

If your credentials for that account are saved in your vault, LastPass will automatically fill them in.

Assuming you didn’t add the details for that account, LastPass allows you to click that plus icon to save the password for this account in your vault.


LastPass is a reliable password manager that offers an extension for almost all browsers. We’ve covered the steps to add Firefox on Ubuntu 22.04, create an account and use it for quick login and save your credentials and notes.

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