How to install OpenSim on Ubuntu 22.04

OpenSim or OpenSimulator is an open source server platform for virtual 3D worlds for simulation. It allows users to customize a virtual environment and interact in real time. The virtual environment created by OpenSim can be accessed via cross-platform viewer clients.

Follow this article to install OpenSim on the Ubuntu system.

Install OpenSim on Ubuntu 22.04?

To install OpenSim On Ubuntu, follow the steps below;

Step 1: Install dependencies

Before installation OpenSimthere are some necessary dependencies that are required to run OpenSim, so it’s better to install them first. Run the commands written below to install OpenSim dependencies:

sudo suitable To install nant libmono-microsoft-visualbasic10.0-cil

Step 2: Download the OpenSim .tar file

The next step is downloading the OpenSim .Tar File from the official website using the command mentioned below:


Step 3: Extract the OpenSim .tar file

After the tar file has been downloaded, extract it using the command mentioned below:

tar xvfvz opensim-

Step 4: Install OpenSim

After extracting the files from the .tar file, create a new directory opensim- is created in which the OpenSim configuration files exist, so navigate to opensim- directory by running the command mentioned below:

CD opensim-

Finally, run the .Sch install file OpenSim:


Step 5: Set up OpenSim

Once the .Sch file is running it will take some time, after that you will be asked certain questions, if you are not sure about any of these questions you can just “press”Enter‘ to keep the default settings:

The question can include:

    • region name
    • Region UUID
    • Internal IP address
    • Internal port and other such questions depending on your region.

Step 6: Start Scripting

The OpenSim The installation and setup process is complete up to this point, now you can start scripting OpenSim from here:


OpenSim is a virtual world server platform that can be installed on Ubuntu 22.04 by installing the required dependencies .Tar File can be downloaded and installed. After answering a few setup questions based on your region, the OpenSim Scripting can then be done on Ubuntu.

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