How to Install Ubuntu on WSL 2 on Windows

Installing Ubuntu from scratch on your laptop or PC seems like an ideal option for most users. However, anyone interested in using the Ubuntu terminal will not like this opportunity to completely reinstall the operating system. Instead, they prefer to use the Windows system. So for these users there is an optional feature in the Windows system called Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) This makes it easier for the user to run Ubuntu commands Windows PowerShell.

Follow the guidelines in this article to install Ubuntu on WSL 2 on a Windows system.

How to Install Ubuntu on WSL 2 on Windows

Follow the steps below to install Ubuntu on WSL 2 on a Windows system:

Step 1: First run Windows PowerShell as administrator from the start menu.

step 2: Then run the following command to install Deploy Image Servicing and Management Tool on the system.

dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux /all /norestart

step 3: After installation, use the following command to install Ubuntu on Windows system via WSL2.

wsl –install -d Ubuntu

note: You can also install Ubuntu from the Microsoft Store. It’s up to your choice whether to go with the command or install it through the store.

step 4: After installation, go to Microsoft Store, search for Ubuntu and you will see that it is installed on the system. You have to do it with the “Open” button.

Once you open Ubuntu, the Ubuntu terminal environment will open on your desktop.

step 5: You need to add your username and password to successfully login to the Ubuntu system.

Now you can run any command you want as Ubuntu terminal environment has been set up successfully on the Windows system.

I’m just using the update command to confirm that the ubuntu command is working successfully on the system terminal.


WSL2 The feature on the Windows system makes it easy for the users to use the Linux terminal environment on the system. The guidelines above show how to install the Ubuntu terminal environment on a Windows system WSL2making it an ideal choice for users who are only interested in using the Ubuntu terminal on the system.

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