How to speed up slow apt-get installation on Ubuntu

apt-get is a powerful package management system that allows users to update, update or install packages on Ubuntu systems. However, sometimes the installation process is not speeded up especially when many packages are installed on the system. To deal with the apt-get slow installation process, there is a tool called “fast” which speeds up the installation process on Ubuntu systems. It uses the same mechanism followed by the “apt get”but with better speed and performance.

Follow the guidelines in this article to speed up the process apt-get Install on Ubuntu with apt-fast.

Speed ​​up Slow apt-get installation on Ubuntu

Accelerate slowly apt-get Installation process on Ubuntu system, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: apt-quick requires Aria2 Download the accelerator that needs to be installed on the Ubuntu system with the following command:

$ sudo suitable To install Aria2

Step 2: Then run the following bash install command apt-fast on Ubuntu.

$ /container/bash -C “$(curl -sL

Note: You can install curl on Ubuntu system from the following command if you can find “curl “Command not found” error in the above step.

$ sudo suitable To install curl

Step 3: Now open the apt-fast Configuration file on the Ubuntu terminal by the following command:

$ sudo nano /etc/apt-fast.conf

Step 4: In the file you need to comment out the following MIRROR Line.

Step 5: Save The apt-fast Use configuration file “CTRL+X”add to “Y” to accept the changes and enter to return to the command line.

Step 6: After the changes, you can run the update and upgrade commands with “fast” instead of “apt get” and you will see that it speeds up the upgrade process.

Here I am attaching a screenshot of the installation VLC media player on Ubuntu system with the “fast” Command.


Speeding up the installation process on Ubuntu system is helpful as it saves a lot of time. The installation through apt-get The command is not beneficial for installing many packages on the system as it can slow down the process. Ubuntu users can install it apt-fast Tool from the above guidelines that works similar to this apt-get command, but it speeds up the installation process on the system.

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