Install Facebook Messenger for Desktop on Ubuntu 22.04

Facebook is available as a web application for both iOS and Android mobile applications. The mobile applications can easily be found in the associated Play Store. However, none of the official Facebook messengers for the desktop system such as e.g Ubuntu 22.04. Even though you can access it through a web browser, there are cases where it is necessary to use a desktop application with a user-friendly interface. That’s the point where “French” Application comes to the rescue.

This blog discusses the procedure of Installation French to use Facebook Messenger for desktop. Let’s start!

How to Install Facebook Messenger for Desktop on Ubuntu 22.04

Thanks to the “French“ Development team that provided us with an amazing 3rd party application that works like an all-in-one application social messaging tool. This application based on a graphical user interface allows us to use Facebook Messenger on Ubuntu 22.04.

In the upcoming section, we have compiled step-by-step instructions for installing Franz Facebook Messenger for Desktop on Ubuntu 22.04. Look at the given instructions.

Step 1: Download the Franz .deb file

First of all you have to Download the Franz”.deb” file by visiting their official site and click on the highlighted “Ubuntu” key:

To perform the same operation from the command line, press “CTRL+ALT+T to open Ubuntu 22.04 terminal and run the following command to get the “franz_5.7.0_amd64.deb” File:

$ sudo wget french/French/releases/Download/v5.7.0/franz_5.7.0_amd64.deb

As you can see, we have Franz’s “.deb” File:

Step 2: Install Franz

After downloading the required packages, write the provided command for Franz installation on your Ubuntu 22.04 system:

$ sudo dpkg -I franz_5.7.0_amd64.deb

The output given indicates that we now have the Franz application on our system:

For verification, we will show you the process of starting Franz on our system.

How to start Facebook Messenger for desktop on Ubuntu 22.04

To start Franz as Facebook Messenger, open the “activities” Menu, search for “French‘ and open it from the search results:

This will open the Franz application on your Ubuntu 22.04 system with the following two options: “Create a free account” or “Sign in to your account“. Click on the first option to create a Franz account:

Then enter the required credentials and click “Create account” key:

In the next window, select the applications that you want to use as Franz services. In our case, we have marked the applications present in the first row, including the Facebook Messenger for desktop, then clicklet’s go” key:

Then enter your “email address or phone number” and “password‘ to log in to your account. After that, your Franz application is ready to use the Facebook Messenger for Desktop:

How to Uninstall Facebook Messenger for Desktop from Ubuntu 22.04

To uninstall Franz, run the provided command in your Ubuntu 22.04 terminal:

$ sudo remove appropriate franz

We have compiled the easiest way to install Facebook Messenger for Desktop on an Ubuntu 22.04 system.


To install Facebook Messenger for Desktop on Ubuntu 22.04 visit the French official site or download the “.deb” file with the “wget” command. Then run the “$ sudo dpkg -i franz_5.7.0_amd64.deb“Command on Install Franz. After that, start the Franz application, create a Account and Select Facebook Messenger as a Franz service that you want to use. This blog demonstrated the method of installing Facebook Messenger for Desktop on Ubuntu 22.04.

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